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Raising Capital Services, has at nearly 20 varying sources of investment vehicles at its disposal. More than 20,000 sources are currently in our’s network. Please note we do not sell securities of any kind or take broker fee in any way.

Here is a list of the major funding sources in our network:

  1. Angel Investors / Groups
  2. Consortia
  3. Corporations with Venture Arms
  4. Economic Development Agencies
  5. Family Wealth Managers
  6. Friends, Family and Pools
  7. Hedge Funds
  8. Industry Associations
  9. Investment Banks
  10. Merchant Banks
  11. Mezzanine Debt
  12. Mutual Funds
  13. Pension Funds
  14. Private Markets
  15. Private Placement
  16. SBIR
  17. University Seed Funds
  18. Venture capital

Investor Network:  Let Us Contact Investors for You

Contacting hundreds and sometimes thousands of investor groups can take countless hours and many weeks. has the capacity to contact thousands of investors within a two week time frame. This new service is being
offered precisely because of the amount of clients we have that need help. This service will help hasten the entrepreneur’s funding process and cut out the countless hours searching and filtering for the right investors to send documents to.

How the Process Works

There are two main avenues for businesses to rapidly get their documents in front of investors: 1) via email, and 2) via the investor’s website, where one must upload one’s document(s) to the server.

50 hours: The estimated approximate time to acquire just 25 investor email addresses that are specific to one’s industry (or locate their website for submission) and to send 25 documents (such as a business plan) to the investors.

  • Note: it is of vital importance to send one’s documents to an investor who would invest in your product/service…meaning it is paramount to be investor-specific when seeking funding.

If 50 hours holds consistent for multiples of 25, it would take approximately 250 hours to submit 125 documents to investors and nearly 1,000 hours for 500 submissions (41.6 days).

Raising money is often a full time job. can submit 1,000 professional submissions (or multiples thereof) in under one week, and approximately 5,000 in one month.

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