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Private Placement Services

Strategic. Capital. Growth. offers the highest level of professional and personalized commitment while developing private placement memorandum, business plans or during the capital acquisition period, while providing needed consulting and insight to both start-up and later-stage growth companies. We offer: Private Placement Memorandum specializes in the development of Regulation D private placement memorandum offerings. Our company has worked with both private and public corporations and has assisted in the development of thousands of private placement memorandums (PPM) and business plans. hundreds of companies, including attorneys, ‘outsource’ their work to us. is one of the most affordable and cost efficient firms with one of fastest turnaround rates for completing private offering memoranda. » More Private Placement Memorandum

144A, DTCC offers a wide variety of private placement services, including bond offerings, CUSIP and ISIN filing, DTC registration and general 144A assistance. can help you structure your company’s private bond offerings and register the bonds, including acquiring CUSIP numbers (and if a foreign company, ISIN numbers). Additionally, our firm can assist your company with registration with The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC). Over the past several years, our staff has successfully assisted with scores of registration. Whether your needs are bond offering structures, private placement numbers (PPN), or 144a services in general, can assist.

European Exchanges offers a wide variety of European clearing, including bond and other securities registration, general European clearing set up and more (such as ISIN or CUSIPs). Euro firms (based out of Europe) are some of the largest providers of post-trade services, covering all asset types including bonds, equities, funds and derivatives. European clearing banks settles more than 200 million transactions a year spanning more than over 30 currencies. can help you structure your company’s bond and other securities offerings and register the bonds on European clearing agencies. Since the early 1990s our staff has successfully assisted companies with European clearing registration, set up and assistance. Whether your needs are bond offerings in Asia, Europe, Africa, North or South America, or Australia, can assist with your European clearing needs. offers a variety of business plans tailored to the needs of the client’s business model. Through’s proprietary business planning and consultation methodology, we develop business plans that are first and foremost geared toward raising capital. All of our business plans are investor, bank, and/or SBA compatible and are designed to serve as an excellent model as our clients develop and grow their businesses. has at nearly 20 varying sources of investment vehicles at its disposal. Several thousand contact funding sources are currently in‘s private placement and venture network. Locating and then contacting hundreds and sometimes thousands of investor groups can take countless hours. has the capacity and experience to help its clients and partners contact many groups within a short time frame in order to hasten the entrepreneur’s funding process.

EB-5 Services,aside from writing EB5 private placements or EB5 Business Plans for what is known as “EB-5” programs, can assist your company with all of its EB5 needs. Through the EB-5 program, a foreign investor would receive an American visa, which allows for residency and employment eligibility Unlike many of the other visa categories offered, which allow applicants to apply for a green card after a period of residency in the United States, the EB-5 program provides a conditional green card to the successful applicant and their family immediately upon approval by the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services). If you are seeking capital from foreign investors and your project is needing Regional Center status and USCIS approval, we can help. Our team and affiliates have a 100% success track record for Regional Center and USCIS approval. and its affiliated attorneys can serve as the escrow agent for your transaction and handle all of your company’s escrow needs. A private placement often requires that investment funds be put into an escrow account up or until the accrual of at least the minimum offering detailed in the private placement memorandum has been achieved. The escrow agent will disburse the funds to the beneficiary upon the accrual of at least the minimum offering and the performance of the conditions outlined in the memorandum and the escrow agreement. provides all escrow agreements and arrangements that need to be undertaken to ensure a smooth escrow process. provides our clients with the tools necessary to create the framework to protect their assets, whether physical or intellectual property. Our team consists of securities specialists, general business advisors and specialty ones such as patent and trademark advisors. Indeed, over many law firms outsource their work to us due to the quality of our work, including the time frame for completion as well as our competitive fees. can help create all major corporate entities, including Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) and S and C Corporations, as well as write the company’s operating agreement. Additionally, after the creation of the business entity, we provide valuable advice to the entrepreneur and draft appropriate business agreements and related documents, such as employment agreements, non-compete agreements, contracts and memoranda of understanding. conducts valuations for many companies. We often are contracted to evaluate a company’s books and determine the selling of a business or the offering price of a security. Our firm can recommend what you should offer investors in terms of equity ownership. can help value our company and determine the best share price to offer. We ensure that our clients are protected from investors seeking to take advantage of those relatively new at raising capital or private equity, while simultaneously ensuring that your company offers something reasonable to investors without getting balked at. specializes in franchising businesses in the United States. Our firm assists clients worldwide with the creation of their Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC), franchise agreements, operation and employee manuals, state registrations, sales brochure as well as assistance with marketing and advertising and general on-call consultation.

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