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How PPM Works

Private Placement Documents Writing

The most common private placement document is a private placement memorandum, commonly employed by entrepreneurial companies seeking to raise capital. Along with a business plan, a private placement memorandum (PPM) is a vital document for entrepreneurs approaching investors to raise money. A private placement memorandum serves both as a sign of professionalism by documenting all relevant information for investors in a concise and legal format and protects the entrepreneur by disclosing investment risks in the proper manner.

For years, the has specialized in private placement document services, with client firms on Wall Street in New York, Silicon Valley, and around the world. PPM.NET creates professional private placement document writing and more. Private placement documents commonly sought by entrepreneurs underpin equity financing offerings - the most efficient mechanism to procure capital - while disclosing risk and qualifying for an exemption under the SEC's Regulation D (Reg D), which is a limited offer and sale of their company’s stock, or securities, without registration under the Federal Securities Act of 1933. A positive outcome by complying with Regulation D is that it provides the company’s officers and directors an insurance policy of sorts regarding disclosure. Our team develops professional, investor ready offering memorandums

(OM) and private placement memorandums (PPM).

TheBenefits of Engaging PPM.NET for the Writing of Your PrivatePlacement Documents

PPM.NET’s staff is the premier private placement document and  Private Placement Memorandum service globally.

Creating private placement documents with our clients involves a collaborative process:

  1. Initial conversation to scope your basic needs.
  2. Review of your existing materials, such as your business plan, market research, financial documents, and competitor research.
  3. Confirmation of details and project scope.
  4. In-depth discussion(s) to better understand the details, develop strategies, and agree on all major elements of the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).
  5. Conduct additional research, as needed.
  6. Draft Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).
  7. Incorporate your revenue and expense models into the Financial Model, including consultation to ensure your mastery of financial model.
  8. Finalize all deliverables, including the private placement memorandum or other documents.
  9. Consultation and advisement on the best way for you to deliver the Investor Presentation and respond to investor questions.
  10. Provide support, including updates and revisions, at no additional charge.
  11. Facilitate regulatory filings (SEC Form D, and suitable State-by-State Blue Sky Filings)

PPM.NET specializes in in privateplacement offering memorandum document writing. Our Private Placement documents are known to be above industry standard.

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