A managerial business plan is directed towards the management of the company. The business plan will act as a guide for management to follow. It helps everyone in the team ensure they are on the same page and are aiming for the same goals. This is vital for success. Managerial business plans are longer than investor business plans as they have more explicit details about how the company needs to proceed. In an investor business plan, there may be a brief description about the marketing plan but in a managerial business plan the marketing plan must be more complete telling the management team step by step how they should market the company. Furthermore, the execution plan in an invest business plan is a simple overview of the company’s plan for operations while in a managerial business plan it will be more thorough with each step explained in depth.

An investor business plan focuses on explaining the company’s vision and opportunity at hand to the potential investors. It concentrates on expressing the reasons why the investor should invest in the company. The execution plan and marketing plan do not need to be as detailed. In addition, the section describing the company will describe the company’s background and the products offered. In a managerial business plan, this section will focus on the company’s structure, goals, rules for staff and detailed functions of each department in the company. In an investor business plan, the management section will focus on the team’s past experience which will help their position in the company. It is important to describe the member’s responsibilities, but only in a couple sentences. However, in a managerial business plan, the management section will focus on each member’s responsibilities and their individual goals for the future.

In summary, a managerial business plan is the guidebook for the management team while an investor business plan is the company’s vision.

Written by Shosh Pincus

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