1. Walking Harvest: The company will distribute cash directly to its investors on a predetermined basis.
  2. Strategic Sell: The Company intends to generate attractive revenues at high profit margins and believes a larger firm in the industry will likely buy the company from it’s investors.In order for the company to become attractive, they should enhance valuations, gain a steady and dependable growth rate, create a platform for future growth and generate a significant revenue and profit.
  3. Partnerships: It is common practice for small companies to build strategic partnerships with larger ones who may have greater distribution or marketing capabilities and access to markets. 
  4. Partial Sale: Shareholders will sell their stake back to the company directly, another shareholder or an outsider.
  5. Initial Public Offering (IPO): In order to pay investors their return on investment (ROI), company may decide to do a public offering of the company’s share. This process tends to take a great amount of time, and new regulations from the SEC thereby come pertinent to the company.