Entrepreneur Magazine published a list of the top ten cities in the USA for entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Rather then base their research on statistics, the list contains cities who encourage start-up companies either through their actions or resources. Some cities are enthusiastic because of a ruined economy while others offer a spirit which is a byproduct of rapid growth. Here is the list of these cities, ranked from one to ten:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada – Las Vegas was hit hard from the real estate crash. As a result, commercial rents, cost of living and employee wages are as low as ever. This offers an opportunity for start-up companies and entrepreneurs to start their business and do their cash intensive phase at a discounted price.
  2. Portland, Oregon – Portland offers a large entrepreneurship network in which entrepreneurs can receive proper training and can network with other businesses. Additionally, there are a number of resources for entrepreneurs to be introduced to venture capitalists.
  3. Orlando, Florida – Orlando is know for its coordination and cooperation. The city is enthusiastic about start-up companies and encourages entrepreneurs by hiring companies within the city. Businesses choose to hire companies in Orlando, rather then outsource to a cheaper company elsewhere.
  4. San Diego, California – San Diego used to have a number of military bases which offered employment for the city’s residents. Once the military downsized the number of bases in San Diego, the City turned to entrepreneurs to help re-build the economy. The city now has a number of successful start-up companies and is welcoming to new businesses.
  5. Phoenix, Arizona – Phoenix has expanded by approximately 50% over the past twenty years. The city offers generous loans and grant programs to help encourage entrepreneurs to open their own businesses.
  6. Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Chapel Hill is known for it’s international connections. This has provided a number of opportunities to start-ups who offer a global service or product.
  7. Atlanta, Georgia – Atlanta offers city-backed loans, grants, tax credits and low cost of living. Additionally, there is a large demand for service and retail businesses in the region. These factors combined offer entrepreneurs an easier start-up process.
  8. Madison, Wisconsin – Madison has the second most educated work force in the country. The city offers a wide array of educational resources and research centers for entrepreneurs to create a thorough business plan and truly understand their chosen market.
  9. Youngstown, Ohio –  The steel industry used to employ a large percentage of the residents of Youngstown. Once this industry moved out of the city, the older generation of workers turned to the younger generation for new business ideas. Youngstown is a city open to new business ideas and willing to accept and help entrepreneurs start their businesses.
  10. Austin, Texas – Austin offers a large entrepreneurial scene in which individuals and businesses are dedicated to working with each other, not against one another. The city has a large number of entrepreneurs who seek to work with one another as opposed to simply creating more competition.


Written by Shosh Pincus

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