Private Placement Memorandum Documents

Private Placement Memorandum Documents

At PPM, we support entrepreneurial innovation by helping new ventures procure investment capital in order to fund growth. PPM writes private placement memorandum documents (PPM documents), business plans, and other documents for growth. Often, businesses raise money to get started or to expand, meaning to scale up.

Business Plan Writing

When you’re getting started, it’s often best to develop a business plan, which you can use to help guide your efforts as you build the venture. We at PPM offer professional business plans which can help clarify strategy and help entrepreneurs efficiently spend their time. We ask questions about what the business idea is, who will buy it, how you can pay for it, and what the financial model (revenue model, all expenses, all investment capital) will be.

At a certain point, entrepreneurs and growth ventures will have established a business plan for themselves. But business plan writing is also for others, including potential investors and funders, even the bank. PPM has experience crafting investor ready, professional business plans. These lay out the vision for the company not only for internal use but so funders know what the business is, how it will operate, and what the finances look like.

Entrepreneurs often get to the point of demonstrating proof of concept (POC), a prototype, or minimum viable product (MVP) before seeking investment capital from others. Funders want to see that the business idea will work. That is why PPM helps write business plans both for internal use and for investor purposes.

Private Placement Memorandum Documents Writing

Similarly, when businesses are looking to raise substantial capital in order to scale operations, production, and distribution, or for R&D or other purposes, they need a different type of document. Investors getting ready to make serious financial commitments will view a business plan as step one before moving on to the private placement memorandum documents (PPM documents), also known as the offering memorandum (OM), or offering documents.

PPM specializes in crafting private placement memorandum documents (PPM documents) customized to the needs of the entrepreneur and the offering they wish to make. The PPM includes the offering term sheet and the structure of the offering. The business can therefore decide to issue equity securities (stock) or debt securities (debt issue, bonds, 144A, 144A vs Reg S) or other securities or financial vehicles. The entrepreneur can decide the terms independently or in consultation with potential investors. How long would the maturity be on a debt offering? If the business doesn’t perform, can the debt be converted to equity (convertible securities)? What are the voting rights around this stock? PPM writes private placement memorandum documents (PPM documents) that go beyond private placement memorandum templates (PPM templates). PPM customizes products to each client’s needs.

All PPM private placement memorandum documents (PPM documents) are in full compliance with SEC and regulatory requirements. The PPM discloses investment risk, lays out the operating plan, gives full management background, and describes the terms and structure of the offering in compliance with SEC rules including Regulation D (Reg D).

private placement memorandum documents

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