PPM announces the ‘soft launch’ of the global financial industry’s single largest on-line research database and repository of private placement memorandums (PPM), offerings memorandum (OM), explanatory memorandum (EM), and information memorandums (IM).

The subscription based library-database encompasses more than 10,000 offering documents from 100 regions across the globe and categorized according to offering type, instrument type, industry, and regulatory jurisdiction. For the universe of law firms, investment bankers, business and law school libraries and professional service providers throughout the private placement industry, PPM provides the most comprehensive and most cost-efficient platform from which to gain value-added insights to the world of private placements in the equity and debt worlds.

PPM private placement memorandum library is already recognized for establishing a worldwide industry standard for research intuitions, universities, hedge fund and asset managers, investment banks, broker dealers, venture funds of all sizes, financial advisors and sophisticated investors. The subscription-based research library includes thousands of offering documents, including private placement memorandums, offerings memorandum, explanatory memorandum, information memorandums from 100 countries.