Inc.’s “The 7 Hottest Startup Hubs (That Aren’t Silicon Valley)”

At PPM, our deal flow gives us a good view into where private placement deals are getting done, which industries and geographies need private placement memorandum writing services, and startup hot spots. So the rankings on this list are no surprise to us. We’ve got our clients covered with a private placement memorandum, business plan, ISIN and CUSIP numbers, and anything else they need to raise money, whether they’re a real estate fund in Seattle, a pharma startup in Washington, DC, an entrepreneurial retail operation in Boulder.

Check out what Inc. magazine reports on the startup hub rankings:

Mattermark crunched through its data on more than 6,700 investments in nearly 5,000 companies across the country over the past four years. The aim? Uncover “the best of the rest,” to answer the question: “Where are the best cities outside of Silicon Valley to start or invest in startups?”

Two clear front runners emerged. “Let’s say one wanted to be in a city that has an average of $250 million or more annual investment in early-stage companies, has general upward momentum in deal-making activity over the past few years, and has had a particularly high rate of investment activity in 2015,” writes Jason D. Rowley in the post. In that case, you should head to these two metro areas:

  • Seattle
  • Denver/Boulder

Not a fan of rain or the Rockies? Then Mattermark has a few other suggestions for you as well, though Rowley notes these runner-up hubs all lack one of the markers of startup activity listed above. Still, Rowley is willing to add these hubs to the list of “the most exciting cities outside of San Francisco for 2016″:

  • Austin
  • Nashville
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Salt Lake City
Source: Inc. and Mattermark

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