CUSIP Number Update

According to data from CUSIP Global Services, the pace of requests for domestic corporate security identifiers continued to rise in September as well as for the third quarter. CUSIP orders for domestic corporate securities, comprised of domestic corporate debt issues and domestic corporate equities, totaled 1,988 in September, a 7.4% increase from the August total of 1,851. The recent monthly figures represent the best month for domestic corporate security requests in more than three years when May 2008 saw 2,092 domestic corporate CUSIP orders.

Breaking out activities between debt and equity identifiers, we saw domestic corporate debt CUSIP volume reaching 1,074 last month, the monthly high point for the year and the second straight month of 1,000‐plus requests. Meanwhile, domestic equity CUSIP requests reached 914 in September, the strongest monthly showing this year since June when 868 CUSIPs were sought.

Municipal CUSIP orders rose 14% in September to 1,255 from the previous month’s total of 1,101. While that was the second highest monthly total for 2011 to date, municipal securities identifier volume nonetheless declined by over ‐6% in the thirdquarter 2011 from the previous quarter. While both short‐term and long‐term Muni note CUSIP volumes rose last month, total volume remains down for the year.

International securities’ CUSIP activity was mixed in the past month. While international debt CUSIP volume ended a fivemonth slide, September’s total of 71 requests was the second lowest monthly count this year. Meanwhile, international equity CUSIP requests experienced their sharpest monthly drop since last December as orders retreated by ‐21.5% in the past month to 255, driving year‐over‐year volume negative for the period.

Private placement note CUSIP volume rose to 230 requests last month, compared to 170 in August, pushing year to date volume up13.5% from the same period a year ago.

CUSIP activity throughout 2011 at

About CUSIP Trends

CUSIP Trends Global Issuance Report is a monthly compilation of new securities issuance trends and insights compiled by CUSIP Global Services (CGS), the world leader in financial instrument identification.

Each report provides an analysis of securities issuance activity on a sectorby-sector, asset class-by-asset class and regional basis, offering an early indicator of nascent market trends and burgeoning hot spots of new capital creation.

Data for the report comes from the CGS database, which contains issuer, issue and entity identifiers, standardized descriptions and related data for more than 9.1 million securities, IPOs, preferred stock, funds, CDs and competitive/negotiated deals. CGS is managed on behalf of the American Bankers Association by S&P Capital IQ. For more information, visit

CUSIP orders for domestic corporate securities rose for the second consecutive month as September demand totaled 1,988 identifiers. Besides ranking as the most active month for domestic corporate CUSIPs since May 2008, when 2,092 security identifiers were sought, the recent results marked the first back to back month gains since the February-March period of this year.

Municipal CUSIP requests continued to climb for the second straight month with 1,255 identifiers ordered. That represents the second best monthly showing in 2011, with June’s count of 1,385 being the highest/best. Still, despite these recent results, requests were off by 6.3%
in the 3rd quarter from the prior quarter.

International equity CUSIP volume dropped by 21.5% in September while international debt CUSIP requests ended a fivemonth
slide as 71 new identifiers were sought, up from the prior month’s total of 60. Private placement note CUSIP demand was essentially flat in September.

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