CUSIP Identifiers Slip

In the US, domestic corporate CUSIP requests slipped to 1667 in May from April’s total of 1691, but identifier requests are still up 8.6% year-to-date.

Municipal debt CUSIP requests bounced back in May with 1222 orders for identifiers, up from 943 CUSIP requests made in April. However, year-to-date figures still remain down (-20.1%) from 2010.

Internationally, debt and equity CUSIP activity retreated in May with only 311 international equity orders and 153 for international debt.

“Reflecting recent market anxiety, CUSIP volumes for several asset classes took a dip in May but overall, year-over-year growth remains strong, signaling the markets tempered but still healthy appetite for corporate debt issuance in the US and abroad,” said Richard Peterson, Director, S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies. “Meanwhile, the slowing muni requests trend stalled this month, suggesting that municipalities are gearing up for a surge of new issuance in coming months.”

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