Private Placement Brokers

Private placement brokers are registered investment experts of securities and its non-public offerings. They focus on assisting investors to find perfect non-public investment opportunities matching their investment objectives and long-term goals. Occasionally, private placement brokers also work for the company organizing their non-public offerings, including drafting of all paperwork, identifying Private Placement Memorandum (PPM – a document having information about the proposed securities), and presenting final sales report to the prospective investors.

In most of the cases, private placement broker works as an agent on behalf of the investor, handling all the details and elements associated with the participants of the offering. They examine the potentials of the investment opportunities on the account of their clients, ensuring that the projected ROI is aligned with the investors’ goals and objectives. There are more than 1500 firms only in USA, providing services in investment banking with a core focus on raising capital and debt equities via private placement investment.

Brokers of private placement generally deal with the sale of stocks, bonds, government certificates, and other private equities to the qualified institutional buyers (QIBs), willing to invest in large share of securities. In this way, companies can raise capital for their expansion without going public for initial public offerings (IPOs). Furthermore, companies offering private placement opportunities in specified limits are not required the registration of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

At Memorandum, we present clients with the access to our database of private placement brokers and investors from all over the world, who are licensed under SEC rules and state securities regulations. Members of Broker Dealer can establish relationship with the investment banks, private investors, and private placement brokers from our database to raise capital funding (private) for their business growth and expansion.