Private Placement Memo, CUSIP and ISIN Filing Services, 144a Private Placements, Bond Offerings, and DTCC Registration


Private Placement Services

Wall Street, New York: PPM, the leading New York private placement firm, has now expanded its services to bond offerings, CUSIP and ISIN filings and 144a private placement assistance.

Today, raising private equity for your business is not as easy as it used to be. In order to help your company grow you will need the help of a professional business consultant for advisory. Grow you business with the strategic consulting services and solutions offered to any entrepreneur in the development of a viable and sustainable business model.

Our mission is to serve confidence with our investors and create a successful business road map for the entrepreneur. Find the financing you seek for your business with services provided by New York’s finest private placement firm, PPM.

Safe Harbor: Rule 144a Services

The noted services mainly fall under what is known as Rule 144A, which was adopted pursuant to the Securities Act of 1933. Rule 144a was meant to provide a safe harbor from the registration requirements for certain private resales of restricted securities to what is known as “Qualified Institutional Buyers” (QIBs).

Since 1990, the NASDAQ offers a compliance review process which grants Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) book-entry access to 144A securities. This gives entrepreneurs a new avenue to pursue needed capital.

PPM now offers 144A assistance, including DTCC registration for its clients. Need help finding 144a services?

“Even though we have been consulting on 144A for quite some time, there is more of a need today than in years past,” says Jake Evans, CEO of PPM. “Many companies, not just U.S. based, but overseas, want access to American capital. 144A, in many respects, is their ticket to such resources.”

Acquiring a CUSIP or an ISIN number (which is basically an identification code often called “private placement numbers” or “PPN”), can go a long way for a company in establishing credibility. So too can being registered with the DTCC. (CUSIP stands for “Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures” and refers to a 9-digit alphanumeric code that is assigned to all security issues approved for trading in the United States and Canada).

“A good number of companies we work with need CUSIP numbers, and often much more,” says Sam Goldberg, CFO of PPM. “Particularly if a company is seeking many millions of dollars in capital, either via equity or, in most cases, via bond offering, the 144A can aid in the funding process that regular channels often fail at.”

PPM is the leading New York private placement firm that specialize in writing private placement memorandums (PPM), 144A services, private equity assistance, and more.

Since 1999, the founders of PPM have offered Private Placement services. PPM provides professional business writing services, such as a PPM or business plan, to more than hundreds of businesses worldwide.

Business Development Services

PPM’s main service is the creation of private placement memorandum regulation d (Reg. d) documents. Additionally, PPM offers business plan writing and consulting, web, software and SEO services, as well as ‘legal’ work from its in-house attorneys. PPM can create one pricing package for all required documentation or service. Because the Company simultaneously works with many domestic and foreign companies, the ability to adapt to the individual needs – as well as to regional and global demands – helps its clients save needed capital and time.


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