President Obama believes strongly that small businesses will help rejuvenate the economy. He has proposed a series of small business proposals in his weekly address. One of these proposals is to use roughly $30 billion in repaid TARP funds to provide additional capital to community banks. The will hopefully increase lending to small businesses and spur hiring via a $5,000 tax credit.

President Obama believes that banks need these funds to stay afloat.  In a speech he added that administration officials should continue to waive fees, increase guarantees, and expand the size of Small Business Administration backed loans for small businesses. By encouraging entrepreneurs to open their small business doors, more jobs will be created and there will be further growth in the economy which is very much needed.

President Obama will be taking his proposals to congress soon. It is time for entrepreneurs to get their business plans ready so when these proposals get passed, you will be ready to go get your loan from the bank!

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