Memorandum Database- Maintain the reliability, credibility and accuracy of your legal documents

The advent of computers has completely revolutionised the business world as they help in providing and analyzing information that they have previously gathered. The complexity of the business processes requires a large amount of data or information available. A large amount of data needs to be accessed, stored, organised and retrieved by the various users. This has lead to the emergence of the database management system. A database stores a large amount of information in such a way that it can be easily, quickly and accurately be accessed by a particular user.

Database is a complete collection and organization of the data that can be retrieved easily and conveniently by the user. A memorandum is a brief written informal note, reminder, summary or record which is used as a medium of communication. It is also used for the terms and conditions of the agreement during the drafting stage. The most common kinds of memorandums are information memorandum, explanatory memorandum, offering memorandum etc.

Most of the security managers are heavily relying on the memorandum databases to keep the track of the information related to memorandums. Microsoft Access is the most widely and commonly used relational database program for the generation of the reports, forms and queries of the various memorandums.  A memorandum database offers the following advantages to the users-

  1. It helps in managing, recording, gathering, analyzing, and tracking the most critical as well as sensitive information related to the various types of memorandums.
  2. Memorandum databases are usually user friendly and can be very easily used by the beginners who are the party to a contract.
  3. An adequate database containing memorandums are affordable as compared to the other databases available in the market.
  4. It saves money and time. Also, it facilitates no hassles related to manual preparations of memorandums.
  5. A proper database memorandum helps in the prevention of any unauthorised access and even a password can be kept for the same.
  6. With the help of a memorandum database, no manual work is necessary and the preparation of a memorandum can be done with the help of a computer without any errors.
  7. Also, an online memorandum database can provide free of charge access to the legal practitioners and researchers.

For the purpose of offering a more transparent and reliable information on the various activities related to a memorandum, most of the jurisdictions prefer publishing the memorandum online on the websites. The parties involved can take advantage of this facility. In order to make sure about the correctness as well as the accuracy of the memorandums prepared, and for inspection of the data, maintaining a memorandum database is very essential.  The information system for a memorandum should be correctly hosted by the appropriate authorities. The authorities or the legislation or the parties involved will not be responsible for any damage, harm, or loss caused from the use of the information contained in a memorandum database. Further, the data obtained should not be published or duplicated at any cost.