Industry Specific Investors

High Tech: is considered one of the investment industry’s leading sectors, as investors in this sector hope to profit from technological inventions, innovations and advancement in software and hardware technologies. There are numerous technology sectors in which firms operate and pursue enhancement and enrichment of the particular sector, such as automotive, biotechnology, fintech (financial technology), artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, computer sciences, information technology, telecommunication, etc.

Alternative Energy: is a kind of energy that is an alternative for nature resources fuel, such as, solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, bio-fuel, hydrogen etc. It is called an “alternative” energy in a sense that is an alternate for fossil fuels (natural energy) and it doesn’t run out like oil, gas, coal and doesn’t pollute environment as much as natural energy does.

Infrastructure: is the physical organizational structure where societies and firms operate. Most common examples of infrastructures are roads, airports, bridges, parks, ports, water canals, energy, telecommunication, water supply, etc.

Internet: is a global structure digitally inter-connected with billions of billions private, public, business, and legal devices. It now getting fast paced electronic businesses, telecommuting, crowdsourcing, politics and revolutions. The internet carries and transfers huge amount of information resources and services for file sharing and telephony.

Oil & Gas: is a field mainly divided into separate sectors oil and natural gas. Oil industry includes all the viscous liquids naturally obtained. There is an abundant businesses going around the world in the oil field, including, animal oil, vegetable oil, crude oil, petroleum and many more. While natural gas industry works for all the useful gases in the air, under the earth, or present around us.