High Net Worth

High Net Worth (HNW) wealth management firms provide investment-advisory services incorporating financial planning, investment portfolio management, and other financial services to HNWI or High Net Worth Individual, who is person or family with high net worth financial assets excluding primary residence.

HNWI or small-business owners/families usually take assistance from credible financial sources, calling wealth managers to assist in retail banking, real estate planning, legal resources, and tax and investment management. Wealth managements firms also provide services on business succession planning, stock planning, hedge fund planning, and diverse estate planning vehicles. Wealth management services are mostly provided by large corporate firms, independent advisers, or multi-licensed portfolio managers and consultants, who craft services specifically for high-net-worth-individual clients.

At PPM, we offer wide-range of wealth management firms from across the globe, ready to provide their financial expertise and industry experience to small/mid-sized companies, designed especially for fund manager, consultants and other financial institutions. The top most services provided by the wealth management firms in our database are as follows:

  1. Estate planning and management
  2. Risk management
  3. Education management
  4. Family wealth transfer
  5. Tax management
  6. Investment management
  7. Charity planning and management
  8. Lifestyle planning
  9. Succession planning etc.

Wealth management is basically an on-going process with frequent communication and regular advisory meetings, arranged to keep updated client about his/her financial successes and future planning. Wealth management principle allows solid understanding of various areas, ranging from personal financial planning to the succession planning across generations, in order to protect the high-net-worth-individuals wealth and properties.

Here at Memorandum fund managers and consultants can easily find various high-net-worth wealth management firms in our database.