EnergyMixx AG Offers Shares in a Private Placement

Private Placement of Shares – Capital Increase at EUR0.5 per share

Zurich Private Placement, June 15, 2009 – EnergyMixx AG, the international new energy integrator, announced that it has successfully completed a transaction for the private placement of shares.

The transaction which has involved the private placement of 11.64 million ordinary shares at an “off market” price of EUR0.50 resulted in an increase of capital into the business of EUR5,8 million. This transaction is the precursor for a larger placement which will significantly increase the capitalisation of EnergyMixx, employing a
combination of equity and convertible instruments.

The company will apply the new capital to rapidly move ahead with the build out of its Solar and Wind energy concessions in Italy. In addition it will support the growth of the Groups business in Europe, the USA and Brazil.

It is a vindication of the Groups determination to focus on most profitable and dynamic markets and shows that investors share our confidence. This transaction is just the first step in increasing the capital of the Group such that we can enjoy the expansion and the growth in secure earnings our shareholders expect”.

About EnergyMixx

EnergyMixx AG is an international sustainable energy group with contractual agreements, either in place or under negotiation, to build and operate large-scale generation capacity from multiple sources such as wind, solar, biomass and hydroelectric.

The Group’s projects are under-pinned by a growing portfolio of approved sites and exclusive technology rights. This broad strategy enables integrated energy generation across a diversified spectrum of renewable sources. The Group’s technology rights and investments currently include solar concentration and micro algae bioreactors.

EnergyMixx will secure revenue through the direct sale of electricity and other energy streams, as well as green or white certificates and carbon credits.

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