Emerging Seed Incubation

Emerging Seed Incubation aka Seed Funding, is an early stage funding that a venture/small firm receive. It allows businesses to afford initial expenses and start-up business operational costs. Seed incubation is simply a process of harvesting the initial ideas.

However, seed incubation is not limited to cash investment only. It is more about sharing the experience and expertise with the initiator, and mentoring him/her with the long-term strategies and business models. In addition, incubators provide the access to industry experts for resolving specific problems and needs of the business.

The seed incubation funds primarily support activities of market research, market development, product research, product development, and business proposal development.

Seed incubation options include:

  1. Funding from family, friend, or peers.
  2. Funding from government grants.
  3. Funding from commercial banks.
  4. Funding from public (crowd-funding).
  5. Funding from angel investors, angel groups or angel networks.

Seed funding is different from venture capital investment, because in seed funding, entrepreneur holds the majority of the stake of the business ownership. It allows seeders to take only 15 – 20 percent share of the business ownership in return for the funding and knowledge provide by them. While in venture capital investment, investors empower the significant amount of capital money, thus acquiring large share in the business equity.

At PPM.net, we provide the resources for start-up companies having high potential for growth to succeed in the course of their seed incubation funding. We help emerging entrepreneurs move from an idea to ideal business. The combined effort of incubators and industry experts guarantees the success of start-up companies seeking to raise capital.

Incubators in our database list eagerly seeking emerging companies or entrepreneurs to raise capital for qualified business investments. We network emerging managers and companies with incubators from all over the world to generate funds to assist start-up businesses by pre-seeding investments in terms of capital and expert advices.