About Us


PPM is operated by DataStream Inc., the global authority for supplying private offering memorandum documents – from over 100 of the world’s jurisdictions –for use in analyzing market trends and movers in the private placement universe.   DataStream’s private placement offering memorandum library is recognized as the worldwide industry standard by research institutions, universities, hedge fund administrators and asset managers, investment banks, brokerdealers, venture funds of all sizes, financial advisors and sophisticated investors.

The PPM library includes thousands of recently executed transaction offering documents, including private placement offering memorandums (PPM), offerings memorandum (OM), explanatory memorandum (EM), information memorandums (I) and more. Subscribers to the global offering memorandum database benefit from having value-added insights to the world of equity and debt market private placements.

Founded in 2006 by financial industry professionals who previously held senior positions at several of the world’s largest banks and financial research boutiques, DataStream’s team of “big data” experts are fluent in sourcing, assembling and supplying value-added information that is of critical value to Investors, Issuers, Investment Bankers, Attorneys and service providers across the global finance industry. PPM is the world’s largest and most comprehensive private placement issues database.

The DataStream PPM database consists of more than 10,000 private placement memorandum documents from North America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, South, Latin America, and many offshore jurisdictions as well.

Headquartered in New York with offices in London and Singapore, DataStream has a worldwide headcount of over 25 employees and outsourced staff operating in major centers throughout the globe. DataStream’s team includes global experts who specialise in the realm of investment research and analytics and are fluent in both public securities markets and the private placement issuance market . Our team is dedicated to conforming to best business practices and continuously adapts to Industry trends and changes. By flowing with and leading through the market, our team can offer a wide array of products and services utilized by the world’s most prominent financial industry organizations and leading academic institutions.

Why DataStream

In addition to offering the global private placement offering document database, DataStream is part of a larger platform that offers broker-dealer database services, hedge fund analytics, investor services, analytics consulting and more.

For more information on DataStream’s products and services, please contact our New York headquarters via 212.655.9553, or email us at team@ppm.net.